Unfollow Friends on Facebook

Most of the users come across awkward moment when it comes to Facebook. Remember that awkward moment when one of your friends Post something unusual on their wall. You must be asking yourself in the first place, Why did you accept his/her friend request? You are left with no choice because you cannot unfriend them. How can you when they are your friends. Here’s the good news for Facebook users, Facebook is soon starting a service where you can Unfollow your friends.

What does this new service bring to enhance facebook experience? Well, now you will be able to disable updates from getting displayed on your wall. You have to simply Unfollow your friends whose updates you don’t want to receive. So there is no longer any need to unfriend them when you can stop receiving there updates. For now facebook has a “Hide All Stories” function. But the problem is that it hides all the updates from your friends. With the new “Unfollow” function you can disable updates from your friends. Most of us don’t even know about Hide all Stories function and where to find it. You can find this function in “News Feed”. Facebook is trying to strike out this option.

Facebook Account Setting
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Facebook setting



Now let’s talk about Unfollow function. You can find it next to message button on visiting someone’s profile. This new option will show you if you are just friend with them or also following them. There is a follow disable option available inside which allows you to select friends whom you want to Unfollow.That means they will still be in your friends list but now you will stop receiving their updates.

Unfollow facebook friendsThe most important thing is that facebook is providing step by step simplified way to differentiate between friends and friends whom you are following. Facebook has incorporated this function from Twitter. As we all know we have to follow peoples on twitter to receive updates. Facebook incorporated this feature so that we can stay tuned with our friends.  Unfollow feature provides a way for facebook users to disable getting updates without the need to delete their friends. But we will have to wait for some months to get this new feature on facebook. Till then we will have to tolerate unwanted posts from our friends.

Selfy latest trend in Social Media

These days Selfy is the latest trend on Social Networking Sites.You must be asking yourself What does Selfy means? Is it even a word? Yes!It is now.Selfy means clicking your own picture and uploading it on the Social Networking sites.

self clicked pic
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 Who doesn’t like their pictures taken? Everyone enjoys taking their pictures and showing them to friends and family.New trend has emerged on Social Media platform.Youngsters have started taking their own pic using front camera of their mobile and uploading them on social media.This latest trend is named as Selfy,where users upload their own self clicked photos.This can be best explained by watching the latest Vodafone add in which a girl uploads her photos reflecting her life with the song playing in the background that goes like “I guess my life is an open book…..”.This trend has become so popular that Selfy has become the most used word of 2013.Selfy has also been included in Oxford Dictionary because of its popularity.

Youngsters believe Selfy is the way to reflect their life to others. While some believe it’s stupidity.Many are seeing Selfy as a Stress Buster.It helps in reducing their stress by sharing their felling with others.

Today,everyone has a smartphone.But many of us don’t have phones with front facing camera.Now it has become crucial for a smartphone to have front facing camera.This is becoming popular mostly among college students.They love uploading their photos of every activity they do.Like,when going to college or when lecture sucks.You can say photo for every moment.

Celebrities are also found of this new Selfy trend.Celebs have started sharing their self clicked photos on Facebook,Twitter,Instagram,My Space etc.Celebs like Kim Kardashian,Rihanna,Justin Bieber,Beyonce,Bradly Cooper,Niki Minaj are already addicted to Selfy trend.

Bollywood stars are not much behind.Stars like Sonam Kapoor, Prinyanka and king of Bollywood Shahrukh Khan are popularizing Selfy trend in Bollywood.They are uploading photos taken during Shooting,Travelling,Eating,etc.No doubt Selfy has become latest trend on Social Media.